Episode 2 - The Lost Art of Planning

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Episode 2 - The Lost Art of Planning

Episode Notes:

Executing without having a formal plan in place has become a trend. That's because most of us have never learned to plan the right way in the first place. Most of us haven't learned to break the goal down to next steps and, most importantly, ACTUALLY SCHEDULE those steps on our calendars.

There are a couple reasons we fail to plan. First, we often don't know how to plan. Second, we don't like the feeling of accountability it puts on us, which is kind of ironic. We avoid the feeling of accountability and trade it for anxiety and regret.

People tend to avoid planning. Maybe they think it's too time consuming or too difficult. But planning is pretty simple and time spent up front planning can dramatically reduces the actual time it takes to complete a goal.


Step 1: Create a vision of a future state

Step 2: Capture goals to achieve with the vision in mind (3 or less)

Step 3: Generate actions necessary to accomplish the goal


Step 1: Schedule the very next action on your calendar (or use a task manager like Outlook)

Step 2: Do that action as scheduled (don't let emails run your day and prevent you from taking action)

Step 3: Mark as complete (celebrate the small victory)

Step 4: Revisit goal (If more steps remain, repeat from Planning step 3)

Key takeaway: Schedule tasks that achieve your goals first. They are the big rock goals that deserve your attention.

This Week's Homework Assignment:

Jot down three goals you'd like to accomplish in the next 12 weeks. We'll talk more about why we're using 12 weeks here in future episodes. But for now, just capture 3 goals. Write them down. Don't lose them. We'll revisit them in a couple episodes.

Over the next couple episodes, we will work on creating your personal vision, setting goals against that vision, taking control of your schedule, and executing your plan. You can do this. I'm here for you.

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