Episode 1 - Intro to The Gridlock MBA Podcast

The Gridlock MBA Podcast

Episode 1 - Intro to The Gridlock MBA Podcast

Welcome to The Gridlock MBA Podcast!

I'm your host, Dennis Looney, a multi-unit franchise owner and 28-year sales and leadership veteran.

In this first episode, I introduce myself, my career background, and the reason I created The Gridlock MBA Podcast. I introduce the show's format, share some thoughts for future episodes, and provide information on how to reach me and engage with the show.

I believe you can make significant strides in your career development and growth in a short amount of time with some simple behavioral tweaks and a general awareness of where you stand and how you’re perceived in your career.

This show is intended to provide bite-sized, actionable insights that you can put to work immediately and see tremendous results over time, without a significant burden on your daily workload.

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